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Irvine Drainage Kings

Yard drainage is one of the vital aspects of any home with a yard and lawn. It is highly frustrating for homeowners to deal with outdoor problems such as improper yard

drainage. You may feel that your lawn becomes a messy swamp every time it rains in your area. The water buildup in your yard takes excessive time to dry out and by the time it does fully dry out, the next rainy day may just be on your head.

The collection of water can have detrimental effects all over. Firstly, standing water is a breeding ground for insects such as mosquitos, which spread deadly illnesses like malaria and dengue. The water also attracts houseflies which are one of the most disgusting insects ever as they spread dirt and germs everywhere. Therefore, it is a major health risk not to have a valid and proper outdoor drainage system installed.

On the other side, the collection of water can cause damage to the foundation of your house. The gutters tend to start overflowing, spreading contaminated, dirty water all over your yard and lawn instead of getting drained into the sewers. When water causes lateral pressure against the foundation walls of your house, there may be bulging of walls, leaks, and cracks as a result. With collective water, mold happily grows around the dampened areas, especially if the water seeps deep inside your walls and reaches dark, moist areas like your basement. The landscape of your house will be severely damaged and paying for these repairs will be as costly as building a new house from scratch.

The water and excess moisture will cause your soil to sink and become heavier which would ultimately exert more pressure on the foundation of the house. In winters, trapped moisture in the soil can freeze and form ice crystals, eventually putting additional pressure on the infrastructure.

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The simple solution to all these horrifying problems is an installation of a strong and smart drainage system. This is where we jump in to take care of all your drainage requirements all over Irvine and the Inland Empire, California. Our business caters to provide unmatchable services of installation of drainage systems, their cleaning or maintenance, or even their replacement.

Let us take a closer look at our services in detail:

Perimeter drainage system installation:

Just like you have internal drainage systems attached to your sinks, washing machines, toilets in the house, similarly your outdoor area should always have a sturdy perimeter drainage system. It prevents water from seeping into your house’s foundation and places like your basement by attracting water from heavy rains, rising groundwater, or melting snow even.

Its purpose is to take the water away from your house. It is composed of a plastic or PVC pipe installed all-around your house’s perimeter, underground. The pipe has thousands of tiny holes through which the water enters which is drained away by the pipe to the sewer system. It is also skillfully covered with graduated gravel to prevent soil from entering into the pipe and clogging it up.  

With adequate sloping and fully functional perimeter drains are the key to preventing the seepage of water. This is the job for professionals only. The team of technicians at our company is an expert at mapping out and professionally installing a perimeter drainage system for your property. They are well trained in taking care of even the smallest of details of the system and perform remarkable installations.

French Drainage System Installation:

French drains are also quite commonly installed and preferred in Irvine and the Inland Empire. It is composed of a trench that is filled with rock or gravel and a perforated pipe that collects and takes the surface and groundwater away from your yards. This prevents any sort of damage to the foundation of your house. These drains also are great for use behind retaining walls as they significantly help in reducing groundwater pressure.

The installation of a French drain system with catch basins is quite technical and complex. Hence, it can be only handled well by a professional company like ours. To install it, the basement floor’s perimeter is jackhammered with the removal of concrete. A stony layer with a perforated pipe is laid down. A sump pump is also installed to redirect the water away from the foundation of the house. In the end, a 2-inch gap around the edge is left and the rest is covered by concrete.

Our crew is highly experienced at installing a French drainage system in the quickest possible time and with the utmost perfection. As the process is complicated, only people with the exact relevant knowledge will be able to manage it well. Our company consists of well-educated and fully trained individuals who have ample experience at laying down French drainage systems without fail.

Drainage System Cleaning/Declogging

If you have started to notice that rainwater does not flow away after a rainstorm, you may be facing clogged drainage problems. Just like your indoor drains get clogged with food, toilet paper, waste, etc., similarly, outdoor drains tend to get clogged too with materials like mud, soil, burrowing nests, leaves, etc. Impacted mud that clogs the drains can be removed by equipment such as a hydro jet drain auger or the sewer cleaning machine.

Our company has the right people who can come and clean your drains for you. Any clogs which disrupt your drainage system will be well taken care of, leaving your drainage pipes clean and openly flowing. Our crew of technicians are disciplined and trained to deal with the cleaning and unclogging job effectively. As there is heavy machinery needed, you should leave this job to the professionals as our men know how to manage cleaning well and are equipped with the ideal equipment too.

Drainage System Maintenance

As time passes by, drainage systems also require thorough maintenance to keep them from breaking down. Maintenance is highly vital as it helps in the prevention of flooding, clogging, and the pollution of surface water during storms. If your drainage system has been subjected to regular maintenance, it will last long for many years to come without the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Our team will perform proper inspections of your drainage system initially and inform you if any cleaning, declogging, and repairs are necessary. We will also ensure your rodent guard is correctly installed in place which prevents rodents, rabbits, or foxes from burrowing into your drainage pipes. With regular maintenance and repairs, you could save yourself a ton of money easily.

Drainage System Replacement

With the passage of many years, drainage systems tend to get damaged and break down, often requiring frequent repairs. If you are facing such an issue and your drainage system has been malfunctioning too much, it is best to get it replaced altogether.

Our team is skillfully and smartly capable of handling any drainage system replacements for you. You can select the most ideal drainage system for your house which is cost-effective and gets the job done perfectly. Our professionals will remove the old drainage system and replace it with the latest and most efficient version for you in no time.


Drainage systems are integral in preventing the pooling up of water in your yards and lawn during rainy seasons especially. It is mandatory to have a well-working, efficient and high-quality drainage system installed as water intrusion can seriously damage the foundation of your house and the repairs are too costly.

We are a contractor service that can provide a team of highly skilled, well-educated, and trained individuals who can install both the perimeter and French drainage systems in your house, as per your preference. Our crew can also take care of the declogging, cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and replacements of your drainage system in all of Irvine and the Inland Empire, California.



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